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Frequently Asked Questions


When I can I get my orders delivered?

There are delivery slots available every 2 hours from 10:00am to 12:00am midnight. Each slot has a maximum capacity so we advise you to place your order in advance to guarantee your preferred slot.

What are the delivery slots?

We offer 2 hour slots between 10:00am and 12:00am every day of the week.

Can I change my delivery address of my delivery?

You cannot change the delivery address once the order is placed. However, you can cancel the order and re-order it with your new address.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, you can. Once the order is dispatched, you will receive a link via SMS.


How can I pay?

You can pay via Cash or Card on Delivery, Online Credit/Debit, Benefit Pay or via bWallet.

Do you charge for delivery?

Only for orders worth less than BHD 5, we charge BHD 0.5 for delivery. If the order is worth more than BHD 5, then delivery is 0.275.


Can I track the process of my order?

You can track the process of your order on “My Orders” page.

Can I view my past orders?

All your previously made orders are in the “My Orders” page.

Can I cancel an order which has already been placed?

Yes, you can cancel an order if it is not dispatched yet.

Can I return a product?

Yes, you can always return a product. However, we will need to ensure the item was not used. Chat with us and we’ll help you get through the return process.

Can I re-order a previous order?

Yes, once you click on an order that you previously made there will be an option to “re-order” if you wish to place that same order again.

Can I merge a previous order with a new order?

If you have new items in your cart and wish to re-order a previously made order, a pop-up message will ask if you want to join both carts and proceed as a single order.